Aaron Sloterdyk


Physical Therapist

Education: Doctorate in Physical Therapy, St Ambrose University 2019
Locations: Cedar Rapids

Aaron is a graduate of St Ambrose University. He believes in treating each person as a whole and finding an individualized rehabilitation program to help them reach their specific goals. His interests include outpatient orthopedics, pain science, and staying up to date on the most recent evidence based practices. In his free time he enjoys hiking, biking, longboarding, and spending time with friends and family. Aaron has future goals of obtaining specialties in orthopedics, strength and conditioning, as well as becoming a Professor of Physical Therapy.

Favorite season:
Summer is the best season. Days are longer, sun is warmer, drinks are colder, and all my favorite outdoor activities can be done.
Where would you like to vacation:
Anywhere with a body of water, a boat, and areas to explore.
Favorite TV show:
It would be a toss up between Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad
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