Abby Schneider


Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: 1,000 Hour program at East-West School of Healing Arts
Locations: Coralville

Abby has a passion for improving physical health through massage.  Currently she focuses on Swedish, Deep Tissue/Sports massage and Cupping but is eager to add to her list as she continues her education.  Abby finds her job very rewarding knowing that she is helping someone through his or her pain.  In her free time, she enjoys spending lots of time outside playing with her dog Millie, fishing, catching a sporting event with her husband Tyler, and hanging out with her family.

What is your favorite Hobby?  
I really enjoy reading a good book, but nothing beats fishing on a beautiful summer day.
What is your favorite childhood memory?  
Growing up on a farm! We always had kittens everywhere, animals to take care of, dirt roads to ride our bikes on and the freedom to run and have an active imagination.
What is something you are grateful that your parents have taught you?  
That life just doesn’t hand you things, you have to get out there, work hard, and make things happen.
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