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Improve Your Schools Strength & Conditioning

Performance Therapies offers structured, scientifically-based weight training programs to improve off-season strength, power and size while also maintaining strength levels during in-season sports. Performance works with over 20 high schools to individually create programs for each sport based on the needs for that specific group of athletes.

In-season programs push athletes to maintain their strength levels throughout their season so as to prevent a decrement in performance as well as decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Off-season programs are more intense to push athletes to gain muscle mass and strength, then to turn that into power when it gets closer to their season.

Training with Performance Therapies allows an athlete the opportunity to have year-round programming that allows them to train for their sport even when they are in the off-season.  But don’t just take our word for it, check out the Iowa state champion teams that use our strength and conditioning programs:

  • Iowa City West Boys’ Basketball 4A
  • Iowa City West Swimming
  • Iowa City West Boys’ Soccer 3A
  • Iowa City West Boys’ Tennis 2A
  • Solon Boys’ Track 3A
  • South Hampton Boys’ Golf 2A

If you are interested in learning more about having a strength & conditioning program at your school, please complete the form and we will follow up with you shortly.

Scholarship for High School Seniors

Each year Performance Therapies selects one high school senior from each of the schools we have athletic training or strength & conditioning contracts with, to receive a $300 scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Senior at Alburnett, Cedar Rapids Prairie, Lone Tree, Iowa City High, Iowa City West, Linn-Mar, Mid-Prairie, or Solon.
  • Plan to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field
  • Eligible candidates must complete and submit the scholarship application form by April 15th.

Scholarship Application Form

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