Athletic Trainer Spotlight, Kayla!

Meet Kayla | Athletic Trainer for Kirkwood Community College

What made you want to pursue this career?
“I pursued the profession of athletic training because I wanted to make an impact by helping others and sports medicine was something I had a strong interest in. While growing up I loved playing competitive sports and knew I wanted to continue to be involved in athletics in some way. Athletic training went hand in hand with my love for sports and my passion for wanting to help others. Another lasting experience that led me to the pursuit of athletic training was watching my older sister persevere through her ACL rehabilitation and seeing the valuable role her athletic trainer played in her recovery.”

A time in your athletic training career that was significant to you?
“When asked this question, many might anticipate the answer to be an experience such as being a part of one of the many Kirkwood Women’s Basketball National Title Team’s support staff. Despite the fact that this achievement and achievements alike are incredible to play a small part in, they are not the moments that seem the most remarkable to me as an athletic trainer. The most significant moments for me are the opportunities to help athletes overcome obstacles that allow them to continue competing safely through injuries as well as guiding athletes through adversity to get them back to playing the sport that they love. The athletic training profession is so special because of the relationships built with your athletes while supporting them through their trials and tribulations. These moments are what make athletic training so rewarding.”

Your advice for future athletic trainers.
“Although I have only been a certified athletic trainer for 3 and a half short years, I have learned that no two days are ever the same so it’s best to be adaptable, and there’s no such thing as packing too many snacks for those long game days.”

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