Back To School Exercises

It’s Back-to-School season! Staying healthy and active is important as we get back into our kid’s school routine. As our little ones head back to school, they are sitting in their chairs and they may not have the best posture. These formative years are important to implement correct posture and movement throughout their day. 

Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Courtney Ralfs, provides us with 4 exercises that will help them with movement and posture throughout their school day.

Chin tucks 

While lying on your back, tuck your chin towards your chest and press the back of your head into the table. Keep the back of your head in contact with the surface you are lying on. 

Chin Tuck A

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. 

Chin Tuck B

Scapular retractions 

While sitting or standing, squeeze your shoulder blades together toward your spine. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10-15 times. 

Scapular Retractions A

Avoid shrugging your shoulders up towards your ears. 

Scapular Retractions B

Pectoralis stretch 

While standing in a doorway or in the corner of a room, raise your arms to 90 degrees and place your palms on the door frame or wall. Step forward with one leg and lean forward until a strong, but comfortable stretch is felt along the front of your chest and/or shoulder.  

Pectoralis Stretch A

Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times. 

Pectoralis Stretch B


Hip flexor stretch 

Start by kneeling on one knee with the other leg in front at a 90 degrees angle. 

Tuck your tailbone by tilting your pelvis backward and tightening your core. 

Hip Flexor Stretch A

Keeping your back straight, lean forward until you feel a strong, but comfortable stretch. Tighten your glute muscles to enhance the stretch.  

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times. 

Hip Flexor Stretch B

As we head back to school during this busy time, take some time for yourself and practice these exercises. Encouraging your children to listen to their body and take the time to move it during their day, will help them as they get older. These exercises are a fit for everyone; athletes, parents, teachers and any age! To learn more about how Physical Therapy can help you in your day-to-day life, fill out the form below.



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