5 Surprising Health Issues that can be Treated with Physical Therapy

Many people think physical therapy is only for injuries or pain that just won’t go away. While we do help remedy painful joints or sore backs frequently, we are also trained to treat a wide variety of other issues. Below are a few health issues that can be treated with physical therapy you may not have thought of before:

1. Headaches

If muscle tension or neck stiffness is the cause of your headache, physical therapy can provide relief from your pain. We will show you exercises and activity modifications which can help prevent the headache from coming back.

2. Vertigo

Dizziness with position changes or head movements could be caused by an inner ear issue. Physical therapists are trained to diagnose and treat this, often fixing the problem in just one visit.

3. Poor mobility

If you are having difficulty getting up from chairs, out of cars, or moving in general, physical therapists can help. By determining what areas you need to improve,  we will assist you in returning to a more active lifestyle.

4. Poor balance

Like strength, balance can degrade over time, leading to falls and injuries. Luckily, training can improve balance, much the way it does with strength. We work to safely challenge people with balance deficits, ultimately making them steadier on their feet.

5. Injury prevention

Just because you aren’t injured or in pain, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider physical therapy. We are able to assess any weaknesses or limitations that are keeping you from moving optimally, and provide a plan to correct these problems. This lessens the risk of injury and keeps you moving!

Interested in what physical therapy can do for you?


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