Why Performance Therapies: An Interview with David Williams

Originally published 08/30/2017. Updated 10/05/2021.

Our owner, David Williams, has had a passion for getting people back to what they love since he founded Performance Therapies in the basement of his home in 1999. Now with four Corridor locations, he shares what sets Performance Therapies apart and why patients continually achieve their goals through treatment at our clinics.

Video Transcription:

Hello, my name is David Williams, I am the owner of Performance Therapies, a locally owned physical therapy clinic here in the Corridor. We have locations from Kalona, to the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids, to Hiawatha, and our main base in Coralville.

One of the most important things that I think you should consider when you start to look at where you should do your physical therapy, is can you receive consistent care from the same therapist throughout your entire length of care?

Some injuries that you may need physical therapy for to rehabilitate from require a protracted period of time to really finish and complete the rehabilitation. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a different provider or a PT aide or someone who is not a physical therapist for some of those visits.

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at Performance Therapies is that you will see the same therapist throughout your entire continuum of care.

Along with that, another key question – Is the physical therapist you’re working with really making the commitment to really perform at a high level?

That’s why we are named Performance Therapies.

We want therapists, we want personal trainers, we want everyone here who is committed to performing at a high level. With the therapeutic approach, you want to make sure the therapist is integrating a strong amount of education for you on your pathology and the rehabilitation process and what to expect throughout, coupled together with a good manual therapy approach to restoring joint mobility or muscle extensibility or strength. Along with a very solid therapeutic exercise program that not only you can do at their facility but that you can also do at your home. So you can be making progress in your therapy 24/7.

It’s that integration of education, manual interventions, and exercise interventions that I think really help set us apart. A lot of the research coming out in the therapy world right now shows that this is the best approach to take.


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