How Physical Therapy Can Help Arthritis

I have been asked many times how Physical Therapy can help arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the wearing down of the protective cartilage surfaces of bones that come together to form a joint. Physical Therapy can help improve your symptoms including pain and joint stiffness in several ways.

Protecting Your Joints

Physical therapy can help your arthritis by teaching you how to protect your joints by following good posture and proper lifting mechanics with daily activity.

Strengthening Your Muscles

By teaching you exercises to strengthen your muscles, physical therapy enables your muscles to provide better support and decrease stress on the arthritic joint.

Improving Joint Stiffness or Range of Motion

Your physical therapist can improve joint stiffness or range of motion by doing soft tissue and joint mobilizations. They will also teach you stretching exercises to improve the motion in your joints.

Recommending Braces or Assistive Devices

Your physical therapist can recommend braces or devices such as a cane or walker to decrease weight bearing on the arthritic joint.

Establishing a General Fitness Program

By creating a general fitness program for you, your physical therapist can help you lose weight. Losing wait can significantly decrease stress on your joints and reduce pain.

Our nutrition services can also help you lose weight and keep it off! Learn more about our nutrition services or request to meet with registered dietitian, Ashley Pearson to get started.

Suggesting Modifications at Home or Work

Ergonomic chairs and desks, or a cushioned mat if you stand for a prolonged time can all help relieve pain and improve function.

The key to a successful treatment plan is to follow through with the exercises and diet plan created for you. Physical therapy can help arthritis! Request an appointment with Performance Therapies to learn how you can experience less pain while living with arthritis.

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