Running with Shin Splints

Runners and athletes alike fear developing shin splits. Shin splints cause mild to severe lower leg pain, usually concentrated around the front outside or inside of the leg. Running with shin splints can result in a more severe injury and longer recovery time.

Shin Splints affect a large number of runners, accounting for approximately 15% of all running-related injuries. Many dancers and other athletes also suffer from shin splints. Shin Splints are most often due to sudden changes in the length or intensity of your workout. Running with Shin Splints

If your pain seems to radiate from a specific spot along your shin, it is possible you have a stress fracture, not shin splints. A stress fracture is a much more serious injury and should be addressed right away with a bone scan.

If you’re suffering from shin splints, physical therapy can help you get back on your feet! Your physical therapist will assess the severity of your injury and design a plan for healing specifically for you.

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