Sally’s Story: Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

An avid runner for years, Sally Stephenson has experienced her fair share of knee pain. She has been coming to Performance as a patient of Sherry Steffen’s for close to 17 years and is now receiving knee replacement rehabilitation.

“I was a big runner. I ran marathons…I ran races. It gradually kept getting worse. I kept running through the pain, naturally. But I came here, so then it’d get better…”

After years of Synvisc and Cortisone shots, Sally had her first knee replacement.

“Sherry came over to my house. The surgery was on a Saturday; she came over Monday, Tuesday – she came over every day the following week. And she came over for two weeks.”

After two weeks Sherry began coming to Performance four days a week. She has since gone down to 3 visits a week and is beginning to experience a real difference.

“It’s been seven weeks now, and within the past couple weeks it’s gotten a lot better!”

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