Simple Tips to Alleviate Neck Pain

It’s natural to be your own detective when you have neck pain, and many of us are quick to blame exercise for our pain. We can’t think of anything else we did during the day that would cause our necks to hurt, so we blame exercise. However, there are a number of regular daily activities that can cause neck pain. Below is a list of common activities that can cause our necks to hurt, as well as tips to alleviate neck pain.

Common Activities that Cause Neck Pain

There are a few common activities that most of us perform on a daily basis in which the position of the neck is often not good. Do you use a smart phone or tablet, craft, read books, watch TV or read while lying in bed? All of these activities can involve a forward bend of the neck (chin resting close to the chest) by looking down at your electronic device or another item held in your lap.

If you add up the time most of us spend each day browsing social media, reading, crafting, etc., it can total many hours. This extended amount of time, with your neck in a poor posture, is likely causing much more pain than your 30-60 minute workout ever could. If you suffer from neck pain, I recommend you take extra care to make sure your workouts are safe for your neck…but don’t forget to also be aware of your prolonged positions and postures throughout the day.

When doing any of the activities listed below, strive to keep your head centered over your body with your eyes facing forward. Position your device or book in front of you instead of in your lap and you may find your neck pain starts to disappear.

Activities that can cause neck pain, especially if performed for extended lengths of time with your head and eyes looking down to your lap, include:

  • Using a mobile phone or tablet
  • Crafting
  • Reading
  • Watching TV in bed

Tips to Alleviate Neck Pain

  • Keep your head positioned over your body with eyes facing forward
  • Position your book or tablet or craft in front of you so your head can stay in a good position
  • Take frequent breaks from these activities

If you have questions or need assistance learning the best position for your neck during exercise and everyday activities, talk to a Performance personal trainer or physical therapist.

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