3 Daily Healthy Habits

Being a busy mom and a physical therapist, health and wellness is a big priority to myself, so I can be the best version of myself. Here are few health habits I incorporate into my daily and weekly routine: 

  1. Drinking water: This is a habit I started many years ago to make sure I stay hydrated. I carry around a reusable 32-ounce water bottle with the goal of drinking 3 per day. 
  2. Strength training at least twice a week. As a runner, the strength training which includes lifting heavy! It has helped me to stay injury free and hit several personal records! 
  3. Walking my dog: Every evening, I take a 20–30-minute walk outside with my dog. This is my time to wind down from the day and help with my mental health. My companion is also a wonderful listener! 

These are easy wellness habits to incorporate into your daily life. Keep healthy habits simple, convenient and achievable.

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