How Social Media is Causing Your Neck Pain

Do you have recurring neck pain?

Spending prolonged amounts of time with our neck in a stretched position may feel fine at the time but cause pain that comes on later. There are a few common activities that most of us perform on a daily basis where the position of the neck is not often good.

Do you use a smartphone or tablet, craft, read books, watch TV, or read while lying in bed?

All of these activities can involve a forward bend of the neck which for prolonged and repetitive periods can cause excessive stress and strain on our neck.

If we do this repeatedly over time it can lead to change in our posture and alignment. If we add up all the time most of us spend each day browsing social media, reading, crafting, etc it could total hours over a short period of time. 

When doing any of the activities listed above, strive to keep your head centered over your body with your eyes facing forward. Position your device or book in front of you instead of in your lap and you may find your neck pain start to disappear!

If you have questions or need assistance learning the best position for your neck during exercise and everyday activities, talk to your favorite Performance personal trainer or physical therapist.

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