How to Relieve Tension Headaches with a Peanut Roller (Bonus: How to Make one with 2 Tennis Balls)

What is a Peanut Roller

You’ve heard of a foam roller. You’ve heard about the lacrosse ball. Have you heard about the peanut roller?

The peanut roller is a uniquely designed mobilizing tool that offers the same myofascial benefits as the foam roller and localized pressure of the lacrosse ball. The “peanut” shape of the roller is perfect for mobilizing the muscle along either side of the spine yet avoiding direct pressure on the spine itself. It is also useful in finding new trigger points!

Here are my favorite uses for a peanut roller:

1. Alleviating tension headaches

2. Neck tension

3. Improving thoracic mobility

4. Finding new trigger points

You can buy a peanut roller at several retail websites or you can easily make your own. To make your own, all you need is two tennis or lacrosse balls and a roll of athletic tape. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make your own peanut roller!

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